Assessment Steering Committee
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UGA Assessment Committee Timeline
Last updated: 30 June 2005
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  • Form committee and begin planning process for UGA Libraries Assessment

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  • Promote development of "Culture of Assessment" in Libraries
  • Define long-term assessment goals for library
  • Draft Assessment proposal to present to Dr. Potter and ??(DHG, SRG, FAB, ?)
  • Register for LibQual+, 2004
  • Conduct "Intro to Library Assessment" workshops
  • Organize Library Forum devoted to Assessment
  • Complete ILL Assessment (part of ACRL's New Measures Initiative)

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Color keys used below:

  • Black: to be completed
  • Blue: completed
  • Red: answers to any questions
  • Green: goal revised or removed

Spring 2003

March 2003:

  • Begin planning for small "Intro to Assessment" workshops in Library. Begin workshops late spring. Who?? Tom Cetwinski, Anna Van Scoyoc, & Joan Conger
  • Determine if Library Assessment web site is needed -- YES; if so, appoint someone from AC to be responsible for website and ask that person to select a group to help outside of committee. -- Anna Van Scoyoc
  • March 28: Visit from Sue Achtemeier, Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness, to discuss what the UGA Assessment Committee will want from us in our assessment report in 2006/07. (See her PowerPoint Presentation)

April 2003:

  • Call other large libraries conducting assessment programs and/or who have participated in LibQual+ to get advice, pro/con, for performing assessment projects.
  • Look at assessment requirements in accrediting bodies, i.e., SACS
  • Finalize primary communication outlets: - web site, reserve desk, presentations, blog, etc.
    Discuss our role as a committee for assessment: (i.e., mentor, clearinghouse, resource, coordinator, planner, guide, etc.)
  • Discuss ways beyond workshops to promote "culture of assessment" beyond the info workshops.
  • Review visions, goals, mission statement & strategic plans of library, university, BOR & GALILEO. Determine if our library documents compliment the university's. (Do we need a subgroup for this?)

May 2003:

  • Begin preparing draft of Libraries' Assessment Proposal to be completed by July 1, 2003. Present to Bill Potter first, then DHG next. What other forums should receive this information??
  • Begin planning for "Assessment Forum" to be presented in summer (decide date??) Tom will spearhead this project.

Summer 2003

  • Present Assessment Forum
  • Present assessment proposal to Bill Potter. If approved, present to DHG.
  • Prepare a timeline of needed preparation/tasks that need to be completed before beginning LibQual+ in 2004.
  • Have Susan Morris keep us abreast of ILL assessment

Fall 2003

  • Register for LibQual+ 2004.
  • Have Susan Morris keep us abreast of ILL assessment

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  • Conduct LibQual+ survey, review results, prepare outcome statements
  • ILL? (prepare results for web???)
  • Continue to work with Institutional Effectiveness in developing our assessment plans
  • Explore additional assessment projects as needed, i.e., staff surveys
  • Prepare for LibQual+, 2005
  • Continue to monitor progress with ARL New Measures Initiatives

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  • Conduct LibQual+ 2005
  • Conduct assessment projects planned in 2004, review results and prepare outcome statements
  • Continue review of outcome successes established in 2004 from LibQUAL+ and ILL
  • Begin preparing documents needed for 2006/07 program review
  • Continue to monitor progress with ARL New Measures Initiatives

June 2005

  • Reconstitute committee; committee members will work with Libraries staff with appropriate interests and skills for specific projects

July 2005

  • Review and update timeline and goals
  • Plan approach for providing customized LibQUAL+ reports by discipline

Fall 2005

  • Compile and interpret statistics from Libraries annual reports
  • Use SPSS to extract data for customized LibQUAL reports by discipline; add reports to website
  • Review reports and handouts from faculty meeting presentation, executive summary, etc., and incorporate into final LibQUAL report to add to website
  • Consider using exhibit space at Main and Science to communicate LibQUAL results and Libraries' responses
  • Compile LibQUAL documentation to support Libraries' strategic plan
  • Continue updates on graduate student survey and periodicals use analysis

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  • Finalize documentation needed for 2006/07 program review
  • Continue review of all prepared outcome statements resulting from assessment activities for UGA Libraries
  • Continue to monitor progress with ARL New Measures Initiatives
  • Keep in mind future possibility of consortial LibQUAL+ (multiple Georgia institutions) and prepare as necessary

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  • Submit documentation for program review, analyze results of university review and prepare for any suggested improvements
  • Conduct LibQual+ 2007
  • Continue to monitor progress with ARL New Measures Initiatives

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  • Complete preliminary documentation/report for University SACS accreditation review

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  • Finalize and submit documentation and report needed for SACS accreditation review

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Last update: December 12, 2005
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